Let's see what need to buy for ECU tuning and sort all these things out.

  1. OBD adapter. Connects a laptop to the vehicle's ECU. But not every adapter does work. We need one that can read and write a flash memory of ECU. We use Tactrix and Scanmatik. These are professional tools, reliable and proven. Recommended for use. Avoid Chinese clones of these devices, chances to damage an ECU are extremely high.

  2. Flash software. So, we connected the adapter into the vehicle's OBD plug, hooked up the laptop. The hardware is ready.
    But the fact is that there are a lot of ECU types. And each type has its own data exchange protocol. To read and write flash memory of ECU, the program needs to send commands in his "native" language. Such kind of software often called as "flasher".
    We use and recommend PCMflash. Reliable and easy to use solution. The utility itself is free, you need to purchase a dongle USB key and at least one plugin. All available plugins are listed here sorted by ECU type. 

  3. Editor. Now the adapter is connected, the flasher software is installed. You can read a flash from ECU, save it as file and write it back. But it is not useful itself, cause we want to change something in a flash. Make tuning. For this you need an editor software.

We recommend our software - EcuBooster, which allows to edit the maps of the ECU file and provides many tools to make it.
The program is free. To work you need to purchase a dongle USB key and at least one license - a list.

With this line of tools, you can do tuning almost on a professional level. Read the flash from the ECU, tune it and write back.

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