ECU booster

EcuBooster is an universal editor for ECU tuning. Powerful and convenient tool for editing ECU maps and parameters.

Auto-detecting type of bin-file. EcuBooster editor automatically detects a type of ECU when you open a bin file. And loads editable maps and options.

Activation of licenses directly in the application.  You open a bin file, the software recognizes a type of ECU and provides a full bin-file description and available licenses options as well. Just click "Activate" and you immediately may start work. Fast and convenient.

Credits. Every user can put credits in advance to his account at EcuBooster. When you need to add a new ECU just activate a license right from the application. Cost of the license will be charged from the account. Thus, you get instant access to any licenses.

Customization working area of ​​the program. The project file remembers the type, location and size of windows, all maps. Changing  map view between table / 2D / table + 2D.

Versions. When you open a bin file, a new project is created. The project always retains the original stock file. The stock file is located at the root of the version tree and you can return to the stock file whenever you want. Any change will create a new version (tune), no limitations how many versions to create. From any tune you can export to bin for ECU flash.

Automatic software update. You do not need to follow updates and always have the latest software version. Just turn on the internet. We are constantly working to improve our product.

Demo license. Available for different types of ECUs with full functionality without the ability to export bin-file for ECU flash. Try it now, it's free! Download.

We add mappacks on request. For ECU types that are not in our database. Just send us a bin file and within 24 hours the mappack will be added to EcuBooster support. It's free.

Full user support. We answer your questions - online chat, forum, social networks and messengers - list. Choose convenient way for you.

We are blogging. Where we share the tricks of tuning different vehicles based on own dyno tuning experience with the EcuBooster editor. Subscribe to the news, it will be interesting! As well we support publics in social networks - the list here.

Only original! We do sell original only equipment.

How does the EcuBooster editor work?

To work with ECU maps, the system uses the file definition. This is a set of map descriptions and parameters, structured for easy viewing and editing. Each definition includes a set of basic maps used for tuning. Ignition, fuel injection, phase shifters, torque model, detonation control maps, choke, cut-off, VTEC operation points, limiters, idling, selective shutdown of DTC errors and systems like EGR, VCM, DPF, etc. One definition is one type of ECU.

Getting started with the program.

To work with the EcuBooster editor, you need to purchase a hardware USB dongle , which contains a unique ID. The account is tied to the user ID. Fullfilling an account, user gets the opportunity to activate the license.


Single license allows you to work with a bin file of the same ECU type. A single license will be convenient for enthusiasts who tune their personal car. This license is the most affordable.

Pack license a family of single licenses. Pack license will be useful to professionals, as it allows you to access one or several ECU types at once. Finally, it is cheaper than a lot of single licenses.

Licenses for Honda are here. 
Licenses for Nissan are here.
Licenses for Toyota petrol are here.
Licenses for Toyota diesel are here.
Licenses for Infiniti are here.
Licenses for Acura are here.

If license for your ECU is not in our database, but it is possible to add it. Send us a stock bin file, we will add a license within 24 hours. We are constantly working on updating the license database.

How do I know if my ECU is supported? Very simple. Run the editor, open your bin file stock. The system starts an automatic search. If the definition is found, you will see a window with a description of the ECU bin file. This feature works for free and without a USB key. Just install the editor and use.




The article below is for those who want to make ECU tuning, but do not know how to start.