ECU booster.

EcuBooster is versatile tuning software including editor of bin-files, datalogger and flash tool for Engine Control Units (ECU). The basis of the system is working with mappacks, also known as definitions.
Every mappack includes set of maps with description using for tuning. As a rule a set consists ignition, fuel injection, camshaft angle, torque model, knock control maps, throttle, VTEC, limiters, idle, etc. Also there is possibility of selective disabling of DTCs and particular systems such as EGR, VCM, DPF, etc.

Getting started with the program.

To work with the EcuBooster, you need to purchase a USB key (dongle) and a primary license package for ECUs you are interested in. The USB dongle contains unique user ID and license information. In the future you can add additional licenses to your dongle.
Just insert the dongle into USB port and start the editor. You can open the bin file of your ECU and edit maps than.


To work with different series of ECU, there is a concept of licenses. License contains permissions for the editor to work with a certain sort of maps and ECU series.
Licenses can be differently priced and various audience oriented.
Single license contains a definition of one particular ECU. Single type will be convenient for enthusiasts who are tuning their own car. Such license is most affordable and allows you to work with only one ECU.
Pack license contains a package of definitions of the bin files of the ECU series. Pack license will be useful to professionals who work with various ECU series.

To get acquainted with list of available licenses and purchase you can make in our Store. If some particular bin-file is not available in our database, we will add it within 24 hours upon your request.

Advantages of EcuBooster.

- advanced mappacks
- data logger with tracing (development in progress)
- graphical datalog analyzer (development in progress)
- reading and erasing DTCs

Download EcuBooster application and demo license - menu DOWNLOAD.

EcuBooster license list - link.