Dinoran R18 Turbo


Today we will look at how we can use the EcuBooster to tune a turbo-setup with R18 engine, widely represented on the Honda Civic, CRV (R20), StepWagon, and so on. 

Let's start with the restrictions. First of all, the factory MAP sensor may see a maximum of 0.7 bar,  and, secondly, a reasonable boost for the factory compression ratio is within 0.4-0.6 bar. Therefore, you can choose a certain fix spring for wastegate, for example, 0.4 for 95th octane, and up to 0.6 when using 98-100 octane. 0.6 is your maximum. Use external wastegate if possible, most of built-in actuators come with springs more than 0.7 bar, and often hold boost unstable and may easily jump higher than 0.7 bar. Also, a good option is Kinugawa actuators with replacement springs. 

When fabricating piping, it is "must do" to increase the diameter of the flowmeter housing, not much, about 10 percent would be fine. By doing this, you will avoid issues with the DTC error of the overvoltage (5V) of the MAF sensor  

Blow-off valve. Use a bypass type one, even if you wish hissing sounds. If you anyway still want to have loud hissings, relocate the MAF before the throttle after intercooler and BOV. 

Fuel injectors. 300-350 cc will be more than enough. Don’t even think about giant injectors, except for headache, they will not give you anything. 300 cc is enough for 260 natural aspirated horsepower and 240 hp on a boosted application for 4-cyl engine. 

R18 Stock:


R18 Turbo:


Send us your bin file before setting up and we will prepare a mappack with expanded up to 0.6 bar axes and add definition with the maps required for larger injectors.


Start and warm up to the working temperature, and look at the trims at idle and under low load, then adjust the AFM Fuel single map or maps, if you have two, increase or decrease depends on trims. Your task is to achieve minimal trims.


Adjust Cranking map in proportion to the size of the new injectors. Check out how the start changes, it should become much easier.


In advance decrease ignition angle in the load area, you will have a chance to add it; your task at the moment is to tune AFR without any engine damage. Reduce ignition advance simultaneously in both ignition maps.


Reduce the throttle values, where ECU goes into the open loop, otherwise, the engine will be already loaded and still trying to keep 14.7 AFR.


Take a run with boost, look for AFR, target values you are looking for - 11.5 -12.5, write datalog with air flow meanings. Then go into the of the MAF-sensor map, and remove it where it was rich, add where it was lean, looking at airflow numbers as reference. Thanks, Cap Obvious ))


After fuel is tuned and smoothed out, you can proceed to add an ignition. Follow your feelings, sounds and everything you have. A road along a fence may help, the detonation can be heard especially distinctly. Do not think large advance is always better than retarded ignition, sometimes there is nothing than knock after MBT point. At low boost, an advance 15-25 degrees, depending on engine speed, is more than sufficient.


Somehow as the starting point. There are a few hints more on setting up of R18 turbo, but access will be opened only for EcuBooster customers. You are absolutely welcome.


Stay Tuned with EcuBooster.